As with many Christian ministerial work, the LikeChrist ministries can use the help of saints. And below are ways you can support its desired advancement.

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Donate: The ministry¬†currently receives no formal Church funding, but relies largely on my personal earnings. And I also aim to distribute the Christian literature on this site freely so far as it should be possible. While I may ever be able to fund it thus, for as long I keep my current secular business, the ultimate wish is to reach a stage in time where I could give it all up (the sooner this may be the best) and ever be expended to this one work alone. Then shall I have enough time-resource to commit to “mass-production” so called.

Yes I am fully convinced that God could divinely fund, through Christ, any ministry that is evangelical. But I, however, am also mindful that the same can often be omitted by Him to the end that He may provision a platform for saints to lay themselves treasures in heaven through liberality in accordance to their abundances. And no selling advertisement space onsite is not a valid option. Especially through fallen networks like Google Adsense.

Hence, if you are a Christian who is convinced to have aught that can be bestowed in the course of the Lord, perceives the gap that this work/ministry seeks to fill and are above all willing to thus assist, then you may kindly contact concerning the same or use the button below to donate via Paypal, Debit or Credit Card (for Debit or Credit card donations, click the ‘Continue‘ hyperlink on the next page and fill and submit the card information form on the webpage that follows). You can also give to any of our help requests compaigns.

Expenses made toward the work to date

This is never at all in aim to show off (if at all possible for such petty seeming amounts) or to blow a trumpet about efforts made toward the service of the Lord so men’s praises could be secured. This is instead solely to signify the ernest intentions to witness this selfsame ministry advancing unto the edifying of the little ones with true godly edification one of the good graced days. Below are major expenditures (with the USD equivalence – rounded to the nearest dollar) together with little details on how each was judged necessary (toward the advancement of the work).

  1. R400 ($29) for a Genius graphic pen: This was to be the first pen to be used as I owned no digital pen at the time. This was bought pre-owned but was said to be hardly used. More on this on the diary entry here.
  2. R1699.90 ($124) for a Turtle beach headset for to be an audio input device as I had purposed to narrate the work myself. More info on this on the diary entry here.
  3. R1350 ($99) for a stand alone Samson mic. I had been careful to do my homework on the Turtle beach headset purchase and that included searching seeking out reviews on the audio quality of particularly its mic. In spite the good audio sample I had heard from this one video review about the same headset model, I sadly could not bring the particular one I had on hand to capture as good. I then went on to purchase yet another stand alone mic after going through reviews as well.
  4. R1200 ($88) for a Wacom Intuos Tablet Pen. When I began to pick up blemishes about Genius graphic pen, I considered a Wacom replacement and ended up with this Intuos Tablet Pen. More info on this on the diary entry here.
  5. R400 ($29) for a 4GB RAM or Memory module. Not very long after I started working with the OpenToonz software, it soon became apparent that the Hp 635 I had been using was not going to keepup with it hardware configurations at the time. What seemed to be within my reach was to try and upgrade the RAM and so I went on to be expended on a 4GB RAM to be span with the 2GB the Hp had had.
  6. R1550 ($113) for a ‘typist-like’ chair and a computer stand. Using a laptop as apposed to a desktop, I had hitherto resolved to stick to the bed and its continental pillows given the feeble body I have borne todate. I however soon realized that managing the tablet pen, USB mouse and still maintain access to the laptop’s keyboard (for hot keys) was not being easy. The chair could have been as simple as possible but I felt I had to face facts and seek one that would offer a next best substitute and at the same time promote an extended stay (avoiding frequent stretch breaks). Therefore, the chair opted for in the end costed about 3 times the computer stand – R1200 ($88).
  7. R438 ($32) for an Ivona Voice package. Using TTS solution for voices has always been the first preference (more on the diary entry here) but it appears I had missed the British voice package when going through the Ivona TTS voice offers and felt all would easily raise prejudice.  But when I still reckoned that narrating the work myself was not entirely the best solution, I again went through the Ivona voices and this time came across the British voicepackage named Brian. I downloaded its trial pack and synthesized a few audio clips. It proved to be the better solution yet for voices and I accordingly resorted to it.
  8. R303 ($22) for a Sound editor software. This was coveted the more for it ability to synthesize audio from text at a quality level I have found unparalleled yet. Above that, it was a complementary add-on for the TTS voice package.
  9. R3249 ($238) for the Lenovo T420 laptop. This 2012 model was coveted almost entirely for the i5 CORE intel CPU it comes equipped with. Not very long after upgrading the memory of the Hp laptop, I realized there was still a noticeable CPU lagging during the use of OpenToonz and performing common video editing tasks like rendering and converting clips. Upon searching I found out that it was necessary to replace the system board of the Hp as well to allow an upgrade to a decent CPU – or else to consider upgrading to another PC with the desired hardware configurations (CPU, RAM, etc). I opted for replacing the Hp laptop altogether with a refurbished unit at nearly half of what is asked for the same model when new. Together with the 2.5Ghz i5 CORE CPU is a 6GB of RAM and these are expected to be of great help in the work that proves to lie ahead.
  10. R1005 ($74) for a 2nd hand LG-BS275 projector coveted the most to ease visual strain and enlarge screen details
  11. R1341.45 ($99) for a projector screen as while a lighter colored wall can be used with the projector, the projected image quality normally comes up lean and details distorted.
  12. R216 ($17) for the Introductory clip background audio
  13. R833.21 ($62) for a Logitech M330 & K270 wireless keyboard and mouse. These were coveted the more based on user-friendliness, durability, efficiency and as complementary for use with the projector.
  14. R1616 ($134,13) for a used eMachines Desktop tower and R846 ($70.22) for a Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX 650 graphics card to help catalyzing render time (through GPU rendering instead of CPU rendering which is currently taking 3 times longer than the anticipated render time through the GPU). With a 1 minute long clip taking about 15 hours to render, a 66% percent render-time cut down should do much good.

My dear brother-colleague (currently former sadly) contributed half the amount of the Wacom tablet and the Headset prices in his continued interest (not any longer) toward the same work. I aim to ever be careful not to push further than voluntary contributions lest it be fraud and foolishness void of heavenly honor. Dear God have mercy