At the date of this diary entry, I expected that I should witness the first complete animated clip published within weeks. Now a number of months have gone by and I have only been able to publish a mere work-in-progress of the 30 sec introductory animation. While other factors contributed to this delay (namely, getting to know the software I use better, secular day job, prayer and its effects on my body and having to wait for the purchase of equipment in between), character designing has by far been counted the major one. Below are forms of character-design styles that underwent consideration together with reasons why each was abandoned (where applicable).


A little after the above style was worked upon, I felt it was too sophisticated and would be extra hard to animate given that I am fairly new to the field. I concluded on laying it aside in hope to resume working on it after experimenting  and mastering much simpler styles and animations.


Trying to find a an alternative to the first, this one style eventually evolved out. It seemed simple but I in like manner soon realized that animating the same was still a little hard. But then the reason was mainly the shaky effects that the working of the Spirit of prayer tend to produce in my body. In that state, I am normally better off remaining on a somewhat constant motion such as slowly rocking the upper torso back and forth or swinging side-ways on the typist-like chair in my home office area. Movements which results in unstable/focused hands often needed for drawing and animating work.  This too was eventually laid aside and may be exhumed and modified for reuse in the future should grace abound on the overall work in question.

After having seen the style work on some of the secular animations I would let my sons watch (a sad compromise), I resolve on adopting the current style (refer to this post). It proves simple enough and at the same time offers just about enough human resemblance to avoid raising unnecessary skepticism from the target age group. Yes I judge it should be able to bear the good tidings safe to the little ones’ hearts with the help of the Spirit of the Father through His Son Christ!


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