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Sep 2018
The Wagon's trips

Text stories now under a separate subfolder

I have of late resolved to publish both text and audio versions of theme stories to be animated. I then went on to setup a dedicated subfolder on which to host both story versions. While a few text stories have already been published there, audio versions have yet to be compiled and appended under their […]

Dec 2016
Minisry Expenses

Expenses made toward this work since its beginning

This is never at all in aim to show off (if at all possible for such petty seeming amounts) or to blow a trumpet about efforts made toward the service of the Lord so men’s praises could be secured. This is instead solely to signify the ernest intentions to witness this selfsame ministry advancing unto […]



Nov 2016

Character design – one of the causes of the delay

At the date of this diary entry, I expected that I should witness the first complete animated clip published within weeks. Now a number of months have gone by and I have only been able to publish a mere work-in-progress of the 30 sec introductory animation. While other factors contributed to this delay (namely, getting […]