* How does our children (as Christian parents) pass their time on daily basis?

* How do we keep them preoccupied when we have to be busy elsewhere?

* What do they do when not at Sunday school or elementary?

* What computer or phone games do we let them play?

* What stories do they read or listen to?

* What video literatures do they pass their time watching?

* Who facilitates their elementary lessons?

Do all complement our godly upbringing efforts/mandate or does any appear to work against the same end?


Mission: To support kids godly upbringing beyond Sunday School through evangelical or Christian friendly video, game and short story literatures as well as vouch for Christian friendly elementary education environment.

Vision: To witness little ones coming into the true knowledge of the Christ of God, grow up in His pure will even unto the conformity to His image.


I have been working from home for the past few years and therefore had to be part of how our two boys pass their time on daily basis. And again due to want of ‘local’ Christian elementary school, we have had to commit to homeschooling our older son. And the foregoing are areas I felt could use an evangelical Christian’s attention:

Christian Friendly Videos: Like Chirst seek to create and make available camera as well as computer animation video literatures primarily for Christian children (or children of Christian parents). These literatures not only should take care never to assert against evangelical Christian teachings but should also labour to convey Christian edification through video animation scripts or narrations. Pagan or non-evangelical Christian made video literatures in the contrary does not prove be able to promise any of such virtues.

Christian Friendly Computer & Smartphone games: Like Chirst ministry seek to create and make available computer and smart phone games that never glory in or toy with that which is considered abominable or vain in light of the Word of God. Games that should, whenever possible, labour to edify through assertion of evangelical Truth/Gospel. I am convinced that a good game has its place in the life of a pious Christian – but unfortunately most pagan or non-evangelical Christian made games do not prove to be anywhere near ‘good’. And thus posing a potential threat to the Godly upbringing progress we happen to have made on our children at a given time.

Christian Friendly Text & Audio Short Stories: Like Chirst ministries seek to create and make available both text & audio short stories that should as seek to emphasis Christian morals or ethics above justified fun. With all taking care never to assert against Christian teachings in the name of amusement. The opposed will unfortunately often be noted on pagan or non-evangelical Christian written stories.

Christian Friendly Tutoring and Homeschool Empowerment: The ministry also aspire to offer online Christian friendly academic tutoring services to interested Christian parents. The Ministry also seeks to empower in every way necessary those Christian parents who will opt to home school their children due to lack of access to a local ‘sound’ or ‘evangelical’ Christian School. It certainly matters who (spiritually speaking) offers your child elementary lessons. Facilitators who are of a foreign religion are capable of retarding a child’s godly upbringing progress.

I would love for saints to think of the Like Christ Ministries as a safe and evangelical day or night care for their children’s inner man. The ministry will continue to keep watch for any other ‘seemingly neglected’ areas and in like manner labour to address as one of the official sub-ministries.


The work is headed by Mathumbu Kervin, and aimed particularly at children though grown ups may glean a virtue or two every once in a short/long while. Whenever needed, I (shall) source assistance in one form or the other from other brothers in the Lord but I am solely accountable for the tenor the work will ever assume. Accountable before men and God.

NB. Page pending thorough edits