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Animation Summary: A truck that drives across loading zones and picking up a shape model from each (in the order: Square, Rectangle, Triangle and Circle)

Updates: While waiting for the PSU, I thought to try out the this one render engine that the 3D program used also features which less resource intensive. As one would expect, the results are not a sharp as those of the resource intensive engine but certainly good enough! Dear God have mercy.

Pending a high resolution/smoother pixel render as the graphics card took longer to freight-in. And when it finally did, the target system PSU was found to be of lower wattage rating (220W) to that recommended for the card (400W). A larger PSU (450W) the had to be order. The freight-in of which is currently awaited. The following is expected to ever draw the difference between educational video literature published here from those on YouTube or other secular sources:

  • That a Christian should not have to leap through ungodly hoops (like exposure to potentially offensive advertising) to get access to educational video literature for their children.
  • Granting access to educational video literature created with Christian ethics in mind – where great care is taken not to trample any statute knowingly.

Dear God have mercy!

Credits: The truck model was created by (excluding a few modifications of my own): Curvemaster