While the video clip itself still requires some refining work and a character update, I am making peace with the background audio tune blend to it (offered by audiojungle). The one used on clip is a preview version of tune with its full usage license starting at $15 (hope to secure it by and by). I had already gone through numerous tunes that the flesh relished dearly over the past few weeks), but could not find one that so seemed to be an all-in-one like the tune in question – one that:

  • Closely complemented the prayer atmosphere (if there be any such)
  • Flowed fairly well with the prayer audio
  • Gave precedence to the prayer audio and not explicitly insist on sharing the glory
  • Appeared to be sober and free of arrogance (and thus appearing more like the host than the guest)
  • Did not allure a groovy mood
  • Sounded childish to a good degree
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