As with the great many ernest servants of the Father who, by grace, concecrate themselves to the servitude of the Kindom of the Lord, so was the LikeChrist ministry understaken – and currently focuses on the foregoing sub-ministries.

Christian Friendly Kids Video Animations

LikeChrist Ministry seeks to help make available video resources that are Christian friendly and at best created by “sound or evengelical” Christians. When the LikeChrist ministry was undertaken, this was the only typical gap that was targetted. However a few more others have ever since been identified.

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Christian Friendly Kids Computer & Smartphone Games

LikeChrist Ministry also wishes to make availa computer and smartphone games that are Christian friendly and again at best created by “sound or evengelical” Christians for maximum modesty.

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Christian Friendly Kids Text & Audio Short Stories

The LikeChrist Ministry also long to help make available Christian friendly Kids text and audio short stories. Short stories that should take care not to assert against Christian doctrines and where possible contribute towards edification.

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Christian Friendly Tutoring & Homeschool

The Ministry also aspire to offer online Christian friendly academic tutoring services to interested Christian parents. How exactly this sub-ministry should be have yet to be thought upon. But it is expected to benefit especially parents who would like to have their children learning from home but not being available to facilitate themselves.

The Ministry also seeks to empower in everyway that may be deemed necessary those Christian parents who will opt to homeschool their children due to lack of access to a local sound or evangelical Christian School.

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